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KIT 6000-NSW
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The Kipper Carpenter's Platoon Power Tool Set provides a unique kitted capability never available to Army units before. The Carpenter Support set enables Soldier-Carpenters enables the Soldier-Carpenter to build, craft, rehabilitate and repair facilities, utilities, furnishings and force protection devices upon order. It builds on the Kipper Carpenters Tool Set for squads and increases productivity, morale and safety by enabling Soldiers to complete the physically demanding and repetitive tasks of sawing and drilling.

Soldiers will use tools that feel comfortable, save them time and are safe to use. It is advantageous to employ Soldiers immediately, doing something to improve their surroundings. In almost all situations, some project materials are immediately at hand, wood and light metal from ruined structures, and Soldiers routinely use these first to make initial repairs to facilities or fabricate protective measures using simple designs, while awaiting the first issue of materials specifically procured for projects. Using the resources immediately at hand or available locally for priority tasks indicates that US forces intend to stay and enhances protection. The Tool Set is employed in situations where simple hand tools are not sufficient for the tasks, inappropriate, cumbersome, unsafe or unwieldy. Construction troops are often employed in areas without adequate electrical power or in areas with limited space. The solution is to provide powered tools to supplement the other hand tools that would normally be employed. The resultant increases in production are attained at all job sites, from the most austere to the most demanding environments - from obstacle creation and facility rehab, to making health and comfort items and the building of base camps.

The Tool Set includes two hammer/drill/drivers, two 2-1/2" circular saws, a reciprocating saw, a variable speed jig saw, two flashlights/spotlights, extension cords, blades and bits for cutting through almost all material, and selected hand tools and tool points. A 1,000 watt generator is included to recharge all the 18 volt batteries, if another power source is unavailable. When fielded in conjunction with the Carpenters Tool Set and the Construction and Carpenter's Shop, it provides the full spectrum answer to the tools most needed for construction - by both combat and construction engineer units.

The Kipper Carpenter Platoon Power Tool Set contains Military Type Classified and UL approved items, it standardizes equipment and provides ILS supportability, it supports instant inventory and contains a permanently affixed diagram showing the location of each component in its loaded position and includes identification data.

A Battery Charging and Management Unit able to convert 12 VDC, 24 VDC, 110 VAC and 220 VAC electrical power to recharge all the batteries in the set simultaneously is also available as a separate item. The BCMU identifies the power source, quickly recharges the batteries in a waterproof, wheeled case, and once charged, the BMU maintains full battery power as long as the set remains plugged in. The BCMU is self contained in a rugged, rotationally-moulded, polyvinylchloride transport case that has wheels and an extendable handle.

A Replenishment Kit is available for the Carpenter's Platoon Power Tool Set as a separate item. The Kit includes all the expendable items, drill bits and saw blades.

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