Pioneer General Labor Tool Kit

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The Kipper Pioneer General Labor Tool Set provides US, contractor and indigenous forces with multiples of simple pioneer tools to construct field fortifications, fighting positions and shelters, emplace barb wire, create simple field works, clear fields of fire, create protective and defensive obstacles, and build force protection devices such as lane separators and blast protectors.

The Tool Set contains typical pioneer and carpentry hand tools for the employment of a larger, unskilled work force. The tools are sufficient for basic field engineering tasks, including enhancing physical security and perimeter protection. When provided to indigenous forces it significantly increases production and morale. Units normally assemble basic pioneer tools in ad hoc collections, without a defined intent/task list and without inventory control. With this Tool Set, units do not have to worry about transporting a loose collection of tools and know exactly where the tools are located for inventory, maintenance and utilization.

The Tool Set's components include shovels, axes, picks, rakes, sledge hammers, pliers, wrecking bars, post hole diggers, chain saw safety chaps, safety goggles, grapnels, hatchets, picket drivers, collapsible ladder, drum deheader, pliers, tape measurers, saws, hack saws, machetes, cable cutters, files, levels, 550 cord, marlin rope, and wrenches . The tools are stored in rugged, weather-tight, transportable containers. The set contains COTS tools, many are Underwriter Laboratory tested and approved and backed by manufacturer's warranties through the provider. Optional tools include fire rakes, fire swatters, and barbed tape gloves.

The Kipper Pioneer General Labor Tool Set contains Military Type Classified items, standardizes equipment and provides ILS supportability, supports instant inventory and contains a permanently affixed diagram showing the location of each component in its loaded position and includes identification data.

The Pioneer General Labor Tool Set is a US Army Engineer School program of record to provide non-construction engineer units with a suite of basic carpentry and pioneer hand tools to enhance perimeter security and force protection.

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