Pioneer Manual Labor Tool Kit w/ KIT PIO-BOBCAT

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The Kipper Pioneer Manual Labor Tool Set provides US, contractor and indigenous forces with additional specialty hand tools, powered tools and pioneer tools to enhance heavy timber construction as found in forestry operations, timber bridging and rafting, retaining walls, wharfing, field fortifications, fighting positions and shelters, field works, corduroy roads, lanes of fire, protective and defensive obstacles, towers, fencing, pole setting, force protection devices such as lane separators and blast protectors.

The Tool Set builds on tool set modularity by bringing increased capabilities and labor saving equipment. It is designed to support the Land Clearing & Building Erection Tool Set and the Pioneer Light Tool Sets by providing significant increases in production and allowing soldiers to be fully employed at multiple tasks. Evaluations have shown that a single squad can produce the results of a platoon when digging fighting positions, stringing barbwire, clearing fields of fire and helicopter LZs, filling gabions, and constructing force protection devices.

The presence of this Tool Set is essential for landing zone and airfield clearing and rehabilitation, elimination of roadside IED sites, removal of debris at project sites, cleanup following natural disasters and terrorist strikes, when heavy equipment is restricted by space, and in the close confines of wooded terrain.

The centerpiece of the Tool Set is a Bobcat Model S150 Skid Steer with 4-in-1 bucket, hydraulic breaker, fork lift, auger, and metal over tracks. The hydraulic breaker has a nail point, asphalt cutter, clay spade, and special picket driving points. A clear plastic front shield is included for operator safety while using the breaker. The auger comes with different diameter bits and an extension. Other attachments are available for specific tasks - backhoe, trencher, concrete mixer, grader, grinder, vibratory compactor, sweeper brooms, and demolition grasp - and can be special ordered with the set.

The Tool Set contains pioneer hand and powered tools to support those pioneer tool sets at the squad level. Components include shovels, axes, picks, sledge hammers, pliers, chisels, wrecking bars, post hole tamper, safety straps, linesman tool belt and pole/tree climbing equipment, powered winch, wire rope blocks, electric chain saw sharpener, log jacks, peavies, drum deheader, machetes, cable cutter, files, saws, vise, metal shears and nibbler, stapler, logging chain, socket set, tarps, ratcheting straps, locking C clamps, extension cords, fuel can, linesman's buckets, snap links, hooks, wire rope and wire rope shackles and clamps. The components are stored and transported in rugged cases.

The Kipper Pioneer Manual Labor Tool Set contains Military Type Classified items, it standardizes equipment and provides ILS supportability, it supports instant inventory and contains a permanently affixed diagram showing the location of each component in its loaded position and includes identification data.

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