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The Kipper Complete Woodworking Tool Kit [Carpenters Tool Kit: Base Maintenance (CTK)] was designed to upgrade and consolidate the functionality of the previous CTK. It provides for the establishment of a more robust fabrication shop, and the multiple, lower kilowatt generators allow for all the tools to be used at multiple, dispersed sites. These industrial grade tools significantly increase productivity, enhance carpentry capabilities, reduce manpower requirements, and expand the scope of projects undertaken. The kit is specifically designed to provide military construction engineers with the tools and capability to perform common type carpentry tasks to include construction of fighting positions, shelters, base camps, POW camps, temporary structures, bridges, ports, and repair of existing structures. This robust industrial tool package contains a number of tools found a modern high grade commercial civil worksite.

The CTK consists of 4 storage and transportation chests from which work teams of soldier-carpenters can withdraw a variety of saws, drills, nail guns, and supporting tools for use at dispersed sites. The four cases contribute to overall modularity by packaging selected supporting items in single packages to support task assignment for teams/squads. The CTK contains the equipment necessary to establish and operate a carpentry fabrication shop.

The CTK is the largest of the vertical construction tool kits. However, it is highly mobile and modular, and replaces what was previously housed in a purpose-built, antiquated and difficult to maintain trailer. The cases that make up the system are specifically designed to fit within the wheel wells of a standard 1-1/2 ton trailer or in the cargo area of a HMMWV. Each module of this tool system is contained within a combat proven, non-metallic case. The interior, custom cut foam safeguards the tools with tailored storage locations and pick holes where necessary. A diagram showing the location of each component in its loaded position is provided and permanently affixed to the case. Tool accountability is significantly enhanced because of the rapid inventory cases and necessary because of the thousand-fold increase in components. The trailers is no longer manufactured and repair parts are difficult to obtain. The new tool boxes are carried aboard and military vehicle, vessel or aircraft as general cargo, without requiring special consideration.

The Kipper Wood Working Tool Set is a Military Type Classified Standard item, it standardizes equipment and provides ILS supportability, it supports instant inventory and contains a permanently affixed diagram showing the location of each component in its loaded position, including identification data.

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