Environmental Policy Statement

Kipper Tool Company (KTC) believes in the health and safety of its employees, the community it works in and serves, and that of the environment. To pursue its’ never-ending mission of providing top-quality products and services and, the world-class safety and health of its employees, KTC will:

  • Recycle or reuse packaging from incoming goods including, though not limited to: plastics, cardboard, paper, and packing materials;
  • Seek ‘greener’ products for use in its’ processes, including though not limited to housekeeping products and industrial cleaners;
  • Look to our suppliers and contractors to use and/or recommend products or services that reduce Green House Gas emissions (i.e., transportation options and supply chain activities, paints and adhesives, etc.), and are Energy Star rated (electrical and battery-powered equipment);
  • Train and verify employees work safely around any chemical products or processes through Administrative Controls and/or Personal Protective Equipment;
  • Minimize waste and pollutant generation through lean implementation of its’ processes;
  • Reduce paper use and purchase office paper containing at least 30% postconsumer fiber;
  • Reduce the purchase of, use, and disposal of toxic and hazardous materials.

Pursue lower Volatile Organic Compound products whenever feasible while conforming to customer requirements.