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OXX pushes boundaries of the everyday coffee maker


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OXX pushes boundaries of the everyday coffee maker

 GRAND RAPIDS, MI—OXX, Inc. (40 Pearl St. NW) is bringing the coffee maker to places where the average coffee maker dares not tread. Over the past year, OXX, Inc. (OXX) has taken the can-­‐and-­‐can’t-­‐dos of the everyday coffee maker and turned it on its head.
With new partnerships, a new version of the COFFEEBOXX™, and a freshly launched online shop, OXX is continuing to pave the way for the rugged appliances today’s hardworking men and women deserve. All product offerings and shop listings can be found at

The COFFEEBOXX launched in the fall of 2014 and has been put to the test on national television by the Science Channel’s All-­‐American Makers team and has been featured on the DIY Network’s I Want That. To keep redefining how America sees their coffee makers, OXX launched its limited edition Special Ops COFFEEBOXX and is partnering
with brands like Stanley®, Death Wish Coffee Company®, and AVEX. Each brand brings its own history and story to the table while still sharing the same emphasis on quality, love of adventure, and drive to push the boundaries that molded the COFFEEBOXX.

“Each of these partners brings our values and dedication to quality to the table,” said CEO and Founder Jim Doan. “We all provide products that are built to last and can survive beyond rugged use. We’re all about the people that work hard and play hard, and the shop is just another way for us to celebrate them.”

On the ruggedized appliance manufacturer’s online store—dubbed the OXX Shop— customers will find mugs, coffee pods, and thermoses from the new partnerships. In addition, the site is now offering COFFEEBOXX accessories like water filters and water tanks for purchase as well as OXX branded apparel. To give customers a one-­‐stop-­‐ shopping experience, the OXX Shop is also pairing Stanley, Death Wish Coffee, and AVEX with the COFFEEBOXX to create bundles. The two bundles serve as a coffee addict
starter kit, and are called the Special Ops Bundle ® and the Workin’ Man Bundle®.

The Special Ops Bundle features the limited edition, Special Ops COFFEEBOXX as well as coffee pods from Death Wish Coffee Company, a 17oz AVEX ReCharge AUTOSEAL® Stainless Steel Travel Mug, and 6 COFFEEBOXX water filters.

The Workin’ Man Bundle includes the COFFEEBOXX, coffee pods from Death Wish
Coffee Company, 6 COFFEEBOXX water filters, and a 20oz Stanley Steel Travel Mug.

To see the newest COFFEEBOXX and the new products and brands in the OXX, visit

About OXX
Inspired by the hardworking people who build the modern world, OXX is dedicated to delivering quality products that can survive wherever people choose to work and play. For more information on OXX and the COFFEEBOXX, visit <a href= target=new></a>.


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